Helping the Helpers: Part I

Hi everyone,

I hope that you are all healthy!

Last week, Israel with Love was promoting small Israeli businesses that can deliver stunning creations to your home.  Over the next few blog posts, we want to change direction slightly .  We will be highlighting non-profit organizations that are working tirelessly to meet the unique demands created by the coronavirus

Today, we’d like to tell you about Yad Sarah:    Yad Sarah is an organization close to our hearts as several of our clients could not have enjoyed the beauty of Israel without their help!  This organization lends medical equipment to people at every stage of life  Sometimes they lend wheelchairs to tourists with physical disabilities.  Other times they provide day trips for special-needs children in specially-equipped vans.  Do you know how many grandparents were able to attend their grandchildren’s weddings because Yad Sarah was able to transport them to the ceremony? They even offer a geriatric dental clinic!  But it doesn’t end there. Yad Sarah provides medical equipment so that people can recuperate at  home and not in the hospital.  That means that, even before March, they often fulfilled requests for oxygen tanks and ventilators. But, as you can imagine, the need for ventilators had increased exponentially and Yad Sarah is working ceaselessly to meet the demand.  So many of us have benefited from their services. Now it’s time to help them!

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