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Israel with Love Travel Trips

Israel doesn’t stamp passports. You will be given a B2 visa (small slip of paper) when you exit Passport Control. Do not lose that paper. It shows that you’re a tourist and not required to pay VAT (value-added-tax) at hotels. Take a picture of it on your smart phone as a back up

Renting a car in Israel? Download the free app, Pango, so that you can park on the street. Most meters have been removed in recent years. Also, ask your car rental agency for a pass for Route 6, Israel’s only toll road. It can save you time and money

Download XE, an international currency exchange application that gives you up-to-the minute exchange rates

Check with your insurance agent BEFORE your trip about health/travel insurance

You can purchase a Rav Kav card (a pass for public transportation and national park admission) in Ben Gurion Airport. No more waiting on lines!

Purchases of souvenirs exceeding 400 shekels (approximately $110) may be exempt from VAT if you buy items in a VAT-exempt participating shop. Before purchasing, ask the storeowner if he/she participates and ask them to help you fill out the forms. You must present the forms at the airport, but this can save you a lot of money

When traveling by taxi, always ask for the meter. Tipping is not required though it is appropriate if the drive must load/unload luggage

Many restaurants require that tips be paid in cash. Customary tipping is 15% in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa. Outside of these major metropolitan centers, 10% is enough

Portions in Israeli restaurants tend to be huge! Save money by ordering one main dish and share

Women should keep a shawl in their bags so that they are always appropriately dressed if visiting holy sites.